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From a Home screen, touch

Important: You must set up a Google account in order to utilize the FRP feature. It is highly recommended that you set a secure screen lock on your device.


comussupportcontact. This option provides medium to high security.

FRP Setup using the Setup

comussupportservicelocation FAQs See answers to frequently asked questions regarding Samsung devices with the IP67 or IP68 rating! Actual user memory will vary depending on the operator and may change after software upgrades are performed. Note: Failure to rinse the device in fresh water and dry it as instructed may cause the device to suffer from operability or cosmetic issues .

  • 0 MB). 0 or higher, enter your Google account.
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  • 1 or higher. More pixels, or repair services that include resetting the devices software.
SAMSUNG Kies mini,Others (Software) ver. 11011.4 -
Important: You must set up a Google account in order to utilize the FRP feature. SDHCSDXC SD Card SDHCSHD SD Card Frequencies and Data Type GSM Dualband:8501900MHz AWS Dualband:17002100MHz SAR value - Head (Wkg) .

From any Home screen, touch Apps > Settings > Accounts > Add account > Google .

Note: Corrosion within the USB charging port can lead to other more serious issues over time – including malfunction or non-function of the charging port.

This feature allows you to set

It is highly recommended that you have a secure screen lock enabled. comussupportcontact. PIN: Select a PIN to use for unlocking the screen. Tap Screen lock type to select one of the following screen lock types and level of security: Pattern: A screen unlock pattern is a tap gesture you create and use to unlock your device. Latest Downloads start" data-url"http:org!

OS Android 2.2, Froyo

SAMSUNG Kies mini (Mac),Others (Software)

Number of pixels across and down that are used to capture an image. More pixels, the sharper the photo.

Product Dimensions (inches) ?

Features Email; Corporate Email; Picture

pdf" data-open-modal"download-alert" href"" title"User Manual (EN)" User Manual (ENGLISH) start" data-url"http:org. Height, touch Apps gt; Settings gt; Lock screen and security, you will be asked to verify the previously used Google user-name and password.

Important: If you are sending your device

This feature allows you to set up your device to prevent other people from using it if it's been reset to factory settings without your permission. You can enter a new Google account or the one you previously used? Performing a Factory Data Reset with FRP Enabled There may be times when you wish to perform a Factory Data Reset on your device. 0 Megapixel camera Internal Memory (User memory is less than the total memory due to storage of the operating system and software used to operate the features.

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